Veterinary Care

The TotalBond way.


Preventative Care

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Preventative care saves and extends lives. With it, we prevent or treat health issues before they turn into something more serious. So whether your furry family member needs their regular annual exam, parasite control, vaccinations, or anything else – know that the TotalBond has their back.

Dental Care

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Periodontal disease is the most common health condition we see here. In fact, by the age of three, over50% of dogs and cats will show signs of periodontal disease. This causes pain, as the supporting structures in your pet’s mouth begin to erode. Also, periodontal disease causes bacteria growth in your pet’s mouth, which can spread to your dog or cat’s vital organs. This is why pets with periodontal disease have higher incidences of heart or kidney disease. But fear not – periodontal disease is no match for our skilled team!


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We approach medicine with an integrative thought process, using Western and Eastern techniques, including acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine can be very effective in treating smaller imbalances in your pet’s bodily systems. It is an evidence-based practice, and treatment methods include acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, and food therapy.

Advanced Diagnostics

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We have cutting edge tools such as ultrasound, in house laboratory equipment and digital X-Ray, that will allow us to give you real time answers to problems your pets may be experiencing right at that time. These tools are invaluable at saving and extending lives.

Medical & Advanced Medicine

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Our team is highly trained and constantly learning new and advanced medicine, that allows us to perform cutting-edge medicine for your family pet, as you would expect for yourselves.

No matter what the need, you can rest assured that they will receive the best possible care at TotalBond Veterinary Hospitals.


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When approaching any surgical procedure, we do so while always considering the health and safety of your beloved pet. For that reason we will run a pre-operative blood panel on all surgery candidates, to make sure all is well beforehand. They will then receive the best sedation and pain control on the day of surgery, and post operative, as defined by our resident TotalBond pain expert Dr. Mark Epstein.

Our anesthetic drugs are the safest available on the market for your pet's individual needs, and they are closely monitored from start to finish by technicians with state of the art monitoring equipment.

We anesthetize all pets the way we would if it was our own beloved pet.