5 Tips for Being Active with Your Pet During National Walk Your Pet Month

January is not only Train Your Dog Month, but also National Walk Your Pet Month, so it seems that those health-based New Year’s resolutions you made in January should include your furry friend. With more than half our nation’s pets overweight or obese, National Walk Your Pet Month was created to help raise awareness of [...]

Recognizing and Treating Pain in Pets

Pain is defined as “a localized or generalized unpleasant bodily sensation [that] ... typically results from bodily disorder (such as injury or disease).” Pets, like people, can experience pain as a result of any number of reasons, including sport or play injuries, arthritis, skin or ear infections, dental disease, or cancer. Not only is pain [...]

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Microchipping Your Pet: What You Need to Know

If you have a furry friend at home, you’ve likely heard the term “microchip.” Maybe your pet has one. These tiny, rice-sized identification chips are implanted under a pet’s skin and are widely popular for domestic animals across the world. Read on for important information regarding microchips, whether your pet is already chipped or not.  [...]

Acupuncture’s Place in Veterinary Medicine

For 8,000 years, humans have been benefitting from the alternative medical therapy known as acupuncture. Back then, we were using stone and fish bones as needles, but with the advent of metals, we have progressed to using tiny needles to get the same effect. If you question the validity of acupuncture, consider that 8,000 years [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Summer Heat

Summer brings fun, dog-friendly activities like boating on the lake, hiking, and backyard get-togethers. However, it also brings the risk of heat-related issues, such as sunburn, blistered feet, and heatstroke. Animals overheat more easily than humans because they cannot sweat. Sunburn can be treated, but heatstroke is serious and can cause organ failure, blindness, and [...]

4 Tips to Building a Strong Bond Between Kids and Dogs

The bond a child and a dog share is special and can provide treasured memories for many years. Adults often share stories of their beloved childhood pets. But, what happens when that child-animal bond is not so harmonious? Learn how to help your children and your pets develop strong, healthy relationships by reading the following [...]

Heartworm Disease: How You Could Lose Your Pet’s Heart to Another

Meet Buddy. Buddy is an active, mature dog who lives in North Carolina. He loves to play outdoors, go hiking, and to travel around the country with his family. Every morning, Buddy goes for walks with his mom. It’s Monday morning, and, just like any other Monday, Buddy’s mom grabs his leash to prepare for [...]